All Acorn Leisure Holiday Parks are nestled away in the Flintshire countryside in North Wales and it’s with great delight we have been able to welcome everyone back to their holiday homes in time for Spring now that COVID-19 Lockdowns have eased.

As a season, Spring is one of the best – a promise of better weather to come, where flowers, birds, small animals and bees start to emerge from their winter slumbers and trees start to show their buds, blossoms and leaves once more. Nature is quite remarkable in how it rejuvenates itself year on year, regardless of what crisis is going on around it. The pandemic slowed us all down and Nature was the benefactor, getting ready for us to recover in spirit and self-discovery.

Maes Mynan Holiday Park | Wild Garlic | Spring
Spring and nature in North Wales | Acorn Leisure Countryside Holiday Parks

It has been a cold April in the main, but with dry spectacular sunny days. Frosty starts have meant crisp morning starts for our holiday home owners, who are being serenaded by the dawn chorus of amplified birds song in the cool morning air.

The wild flowers along the paths and hedgerows are on show, dancing in the sunshine and the Celandine, with its star shaped petals, are always a happy sight to see – a reminder that winter is finally over.

The Song Of The Celandine Fairy

Before the hawthorn leaves unfold,

Or buttercups put forth their gold,

By every sunny footpath shine

The stars of the Lesser Celandine.

Cicely Mary Barker
Celandines at Maes Mynan Park April 2021

As all Acorn Leisure Holiday Parks are in the countryside, nature and wildlife are an integral part of the holiday lifestyle experience for our lodge owners, static caravan and touring caravan owners. Nature and green spaces have been so important to many of us during the pandemic, especially as we have become more disconnected with each other because of Lockdowns.

Every day the natural beauty of nature and all She offers, is an inspiration to us all. Having a holiday home where open green spaces, stunning views, wildlife, flowers and trees work in harmony together, offers the perfect way to connect with nature easily, allowing you to find solace and inner calmness at a time when the World seems to be upside-down in so many ways. Nature offers a natural way to increase our well-being in a very unchallenging way.

Even small contacts with nature can reduce feelings of social isolation and be effective in protecting our mental health, and preventing distress.

MARK ROWLAND of the Mental Health Foundation

So now we can be out and about again, traveling to our holiday homes in North Wales, let’s enjoy all the benefits of nature everywhere you go.

Enjoy watching the wildlife when staying in your holiday homes, be it rabbits on Misty Waters Holiday Park, The Oaks Touring Park and Maes Mynan Park, where they can be found nibbling the grass (as well as all the plants!), while Buzzards soar high in the sky at Maes Mynan and water birds wade and paddle in the river at Ty Bont Caravan Park. These are just a few of the treasures of nature to behold when staying in your holiday homes on Acorn Leisure Holiday Parks.

As we emerge from COVID lockdowns time and time again, into a retrospective lifestyle that sees us reconnect with neighbours, friends and family, nature is there to nurture us in our new freedoms, providing space and time for a serene sense of escapism, aspiration and achievement that makes us appreciate the benefits of slow living.

Owning a holiday home in the countryside is just part of a jigsaw that makes for a happy life.

So with a very warm welcome back to North Wales, we hope you enjoy your new found freedoms in your holiday homes, wherever they are.

If you would like to find out more about any of our Acorn Leisure Holiday Parks in Flintshire, North Wales, please contact us on 01352 720808 or 07917876819 or via email on We are here to help you find your dream holiday home in the country.