COVID-19 hasn’t gone away, but it was with great pleasure and delight we were finally able to welcome back all our holiday homeowners to their holiday homes today.

From a dull grey start to beautiful sunny summer skies, it felt like a great day to rejoice.

Although holidaying for the foreseeable future means our new ‘holiday essentials’ are mask, sanitiser, antibacterial wipes and gloves, it hasn’t dulled everyone’s spirits today and the light breezes have certainly managed to blow away a few cobwebs caused by a very lengthy lockdown not seen in several generations!

A Big Welcome Back To Our Holiday Homeowners
Working together with Clwydian Range Distillery (makers of Cariad Gin) to help keep us safe

Staying as safe and happy as we can in these unprecedented times is important for everyone’s health and well-being and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic (and its health implications), means we must all take good care of ourselves. By doing so we protect the ones we love, as well as our neighbours and there is no greater incentive for staying well and COVID-19 free than self preservation!

I would like to thank all our holiday homeowners for embracing the new rues and guidance that puts self responsibility at the heart of holidaying.

By implementing some new Park protocols in line with the guidance and regulations issued by the Welsh Government we have been able to make it easier for everyone to enjoy their holiday homes. We don’t think our protocols are onerous, but they have meant we can open Misty Waters Holiday Park, The Oaks Touring Caravan Park, Ty Bont Caravan Park and Maes Mynan Park and the ‘new way’ of doing things also offers peace of mind to everyone who plays it safe whilst staying in their holiday homes.

Thank you everyone for your co-operation and enjoy your new found holiday freedoms.