Creating a bespoke holiday lodge is something many of us dream about. We plan it in our heads. We have an idea on interior d├ęcor, our favourite colours and the style of finish that we want to achieve. We want our holiday homes to be a place that allows us to enter another world every time we stay – somewhere luxurious, special, peaceful and calming.

Bespoke holiday lodges at Maes Mynan Park | For sale | North Wales

Introducing smart ideas in small spaces to enhance our holiday lifestyles is all part of the appeal of creating our own bespoke holiday lodge. Many lodge floor plans may appear similar on the surface, but it’s always the finishing touches that make each one unique.

By working with a number of UK lodge manufacturers we are able to provide our holiday home owners with the opportunity to create their very own bespoke holiday lodge. By utilising existing floor plans and lodge models, we can help holiday home owners spec their lodges to suit their style and needs. We always suggest a wish list first as this helps us guide them on their own journey of design and creativity and we are always mindful of budgets and the fact that choice, although a wonderful thing, can actually be overwhelming.

At Maes Mynan Park we have designed a range of bespoke holiday lodges with different UK lodge manufacturers. We have taken the beauty of Maes Mynan’s countryside location, its rustic, nature inspired setting and used the landscape as the inspiration for the essentials, colour pallet and practical considerations required for an exclusive holiday lifestyle in North Wales. Our Oak Leaf Lodge will be manufactured by Wessex Omar and our Maes Mynan Lodge by Tingdene. Both these bespoke holiday lodges will arrive at Maes Mynan Park in July 2021.

We are also working on an updated Llewelyn Lodge with Prestige Homeseeker and have designed with Aspire Leisure Homes the Acadia Lodge and Mynan’s Lodge. All these bespoke holiday lodges started off as another base lodge floor plan and have been adapted to suit Maes Mynan Park lodge plots and their stunning countryside views in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Bespoke Holiday Lodges For Sale | Maes Mynan Park
Bespoke Holiday Lodge | Maes Mynan Park

To highlight the processes around creating a bespoke holiday lodge, please read the following chapters from Anita’s story and how it all began. With a sense of purpose, faith and courage, Anita has been able to design a special holiday home for herself at Maes Mynan Park. What came first was the location and the way the place spoke to her. Read on to find out more.

If you are looking at holiday lodge ownership please come and see us at Maes Mynan Park. Seeing really is believing, as highlighted by Anita in the first instalments of her bespoke holiday lodge buying journey with us.

To find out more, contact us via 01352 720808 or 07836522444 or Alternatively please use the contact form here.