A rainbow of colours from nature is all the inspiration we need for investing in our well-being and happiness.

COVID-19 has taught us all that the great outdoors is the best place for us to be and the spectacular inspiring colours offered by mother nature is truly stunning here in Flintshire North Wales.

A rainbow of colours from nature

None of us can travel far due to the lockdown restrictions, but it does not stop us planning how we want to spend our time when we are free again to roam. Holiday homes in Flintshire North Wales should be on your list to investigate. 

Nature offers us a rainbow of colours all year round. Whatever the weather there is always something new to see. Colour invigorates us and mother nature inspires us to get out and about into the countryside where we can enjoy the great sounds of birds, crickets and the bees, feel the air on our skin and indulge in the scents of the earth, trees and flowers.

In these unprecedented times when the rainbow has come to symbolise the NHS, protect lives and COVID-19, we have come to understand that being out of doors is the best thing for us. This should not have been a surprise, but the health benefits and protection from a virus no-one knows how to handle, makes us appreciate just what nature has to offer on the doorstep of our daily lives.

With lockdown restrictions still in place all over the UK, it is a great time to plan how you want to spend your free time, weekends away, holiday time and staycations, when the country starts to awaken from its enforced slumber. Times have changed and we must adapt, but it doesn’t mean we can’t act on our dreams for a holiday lifestyle that embraces mother nature and the great outdoors.  

Here I share some of the rainbow of colours from Flintshire in North Wales this year, all accessible from our Acorn Leisure Holiday Parks. 

Misty Waters Holiday Park, Ty Bont Caravan Park, The Oaks Touring Park and Maes Mynan Park are all located in stunning Flintshire countryside. If escaping to the country is now a priority for your holiday downtime and UK staycations, where ‘getting away from it all’ is at the top of your lifestyle wish list (and taking an aeroplane is at the bottom), call us to make arrangements to come and see us. Social distancing is easy in the countryside and we are putting in place procedures that will allow you to enjoy the rustic wonders available so that you can enjoy the rainbow of colours from nature on your visit. 

Pleasure in the open air is the new way to live. 

a hug and a little love from nature in Flintshire, North Wales.
Sending a hug and a little love from nature in Flintshire, North Wales.